Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LUNA Winter Fair 2016 ( for RFL )
from the 1 December to the 31 December
on LUNA FairGrounds ( for RFL )
in SL Harbor La Luna Bay City

(" Lets unfreeze some Harts & Lets freeze Cancer ")

Events ar from the 1 to the 22 December
Aver Main Must Se Event is


if u Mist it hears the Live Video
from Show :D enjoy it
We have many great Live Singer & Live DJ,s Commin
THE Live Cafe,s Outdoors Stagets
☆ Se ALL Live Times & Dates ☆
Com and shop your Winter stuff / Wear in 1 off the many Grade Fairs Shops
And thy All have nice RFL Vendors for you :D
sow u can git somting nice and support the fight agents Cancer :) 
♥ Se the Shops Vendors Her: RFL VENDORs ♥
We also have Nice Hunt
 ♥ Se All The Hunt Gifts Her:
HUNT info ♥
Visit the Nisse Post office,
it has opens its doors to the public

you may ask what is a Nisse ?


well in Denmark we dot have elves we have Nisser
Nisser are in Family with Trolls
no more than we are in the family with Apes
Nisser also loves to play pranks on Big Dumb Trolls and Humans
They are friends with all animals and take care of them
even your house Cat or Dog
Nisser loves Risengrød and thay get Riiilyyy Mad
if you dot give them some on the 24th December

This is a old Clip from a old DK Advent Calendar Show on TV
( Jul På Slottet:  Det Sørme det sandt December )

( Christmas at the Castle )
That's Nisser and 1 Prinses give them Risengrød

And on the top floor in The Clock Tower
you will find The Flying Reindeer Nisse Post Snow-Sled
And if you are Lucky you will get to go on a Fun Ride :D
Se info her: The Ride 
 And com and have fun Ice-skat whit u,r Frans & Family
or Go Snowboarding on Mont LUNA *<[]:D

(" Lets unfreeze some Harts & Lets freeze Cancer ")
And have sum fun
More Detals & Photos ar Coming :D


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